TO Crossfire is a fast paced tactical first person shooter inspired by Tactical Ops. This total conversion modification based on UT 2004 utilizes UnrealEngine 2.5.
As a level designer on the TO:Crossfire development team I created four levels. My main responsibilities where:

  • selecting the theme
  • designing floorplan and layout
  • creating basic geometry and architecture
  • implementing and balancing gameplay related actors
  • creating textures and static meshes
  • mesh and prop placement
  • lighting
  • botpathing
  • collision
  • profiling / optimization via zoning, antiportals and cull distancing


The level consists of several Haciendas located within a terrain based environment.

The general layout and natural height differences of valleys and slopes offer a wide range variation of z-axis fighting possibilities.

Outside of the Haciendas the level is rather open focussing on long range firefights.



Small village with typical narrow passages full of corners focussing on close range firefights and 1 versus 1 situations.

Several buildings including a church are accessible.

The Layout is based on the map TO-Province by Revolver and heavily modified to ensure balanced gameplay.

Layout modification includes the removal of the canalisation and an additional route behind the church.



Located in a remote village in the alpes this level features multiple routes and chokepoints specifically balanced for an escape objective driven gamemode.



A level with fairly big dimensions showing off a small italian town consisting of medium sized buildings.

The wide and straight forward routes ensure multiple aspects of teambased tactics and favour medium to long range weaponry.


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2016 Mark Mussler